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Your software is critical

Your solution should be reliable, correct, and intuitive. We leverage functional programming techniques to provide the strongest possible guarantees that your application is fit for purpose.


Custom build solutions, exceptional user experiences, delivered from any cloud, or any device.

Dev Ops

Realize the promise of continuous delivery, with guarantees of immutability that go beyond the container.

Machine Learning

Turn your data into action, with the power of custom machine learning architecture, molded to fit your needs.

Purpose made technology

We default to technical superiority, not technical fashion.

This directive has led us to select the above as defaults, both for exceptional quality and time to market. Innovation means taking risks. You need a partner who continually and transparently works to ensure you understand the process, the costs, and the risks, each step of the way.

Featured Client

Veteran Data Solutions

Proprietary Computer Vision Project

Platonic Systems is our go-to developer partner when we need to solve complex and complicated use cases. They truly add a tremendous amount of value during use case development and proof of concept iterations that have helped us advance with our computer vision and machine learning opportunities. I look forward to working many opportunities with Platonic Systems in the future. Derek Aultman, CEO