Functional Programming

Taking your business to the next level

Facebook. NASA. Microsoft. Target. What do all these entities have in common? They all use functional programming to build their most effective software.

Now your business can, too.


What is Functional

Functional programming is the math-based software engineering that top corporations use to solve their toughest problems. Rather than writing software as a set of language-based instructions, functional programmers write code as mathematical functions based in lambda calculus.

The result is elegant computational systems that are more powerful, rational, and efficient with less room for human error. Functional programming is used to create the world's most revolutionary innovations, such as cybersecurity, blockchain technology, facial recognition, and data analysis.


Functional programming
gives you:

  1. Superior Security

    Our engineers can write code that won’t execute until all preconditions are met, making your company’s software harder to corrupt or hack.

  2. Fewer Errors

    Functional programming’s equational reasoning dissolves common software issues (like null), resulting in greater functionality with fewer program checks.

  3. Scalable Systems

    Grow your product’s size or strategy without changing a single line of code. Applying functional programming to distributed systems allows your software to operate correctly across 10 machines or 10,000.

  4. Future-Proof Functionality

    Retain the ability to rebuild, redeploy, and run your software regardless of changes from the application, user, computer system, platform, program version, or external URLs.

  5. Technical Harmony

    Features that integrate easily. Applications that work together. Less coding with fewer bugs. Your software quicker to market. It’s all possible.

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